The Bloom Project

Installation Art

The Bloom Project

A flower. At once organic and synthetic, natural and unnatural, beautiful and grotesque. A flower that only opens upon another human body standing before it. When awoken, this flower with its metallic body and hard plastic edges that invoke the urban, decay, and industrial, emit the glow of inner life. The flower blooms in a ray of light upon a human’s presence to bring forth a symbiotic living between the future of technology, nature and humans.

The Bloom Project was created as part of my senior undergraduate thesis in ICAM at the University of California, San Diego. As an interactive sculpture, it represents the need for humans in the advancing technological driven world to work towards creating harmonious relationships with the natural environment. Each flower has 6 plastic shaped petals with individual RGB LED lights in each petal that are attached to a 6 wheel Servo Motor which would be controlled via Arduino that upon interaction, such as someone walking up to the flower, the flowers would open and glow.

The Bloom Project was exhibited in Best of ICAM Senior Show at the Annex Gallery (June, 2013) and Youtopia: San Diego’s Burning Man Regional Decom (October, 2013)


Design & Prototypes

Throughout my senior year I created various prototypes with the xBee controlling the LEDs and models with paper and various diffused materials trying to figure out the best way to sculpt the final flower result. I also had to take into consideration the best design that would allow the flower to move, from an outward push of equal weight to a pull/push mechanism.


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