The Internet of Consciousness

The Internet of Consciousness explores the changing the landscape around altered consciousness and proposes a suite of therapeutic wearable devices that assists in integrating mind, body and spirit. These speculative wearables are designed to augment a user's daily life through the holistic ecosystem, creating a new kind of altered experiential consciousness mediated through smart interconnected wearables.

The Internet of Consciousness

The Internet of Consciousness ecosystem is an exploration into the intersection of where technology and consciousness meet. It grapples with questions of subjective reality and perception, new understandings of altered states and imprints of experience on one’s consciousness. Experiments and research determined how societal's fixation on experientially altering the mind could serve as templates for design using consciousness as a vehicle. This allows for exploration of speculative future therapy and assistive technologies that infuse holistic health practices with wearable and interactive technology.

It takes a self reflective, therapeutic approach, reimagining technology of the body as sensing the hidden and provoking us into new states of awareness. This thesis explores the changing the landscape around altered consciousness and new possibilities in cognition. Initial research into various psychedelic communities and psychoactive substances, their users and tangible effects gave insight into the wide spectrum of human perception. Research on consciousness have been synthesized into a suite of wearable devices that reemphasize these systems as mind-altering experiences.


Elaine Cheung

Meditation Bodysuit

This design utilizes soft circuits or wearables to help induce meditative states and focuses the user's awareness on achieving a calmer state. This relationship of technology to our own bodies is the design focal point that goes beyond the screen and onto the body. Your body becomes an interactive element and a new way of viewing your health. By building the sensation of leveling up as one breathes through the meditative cycle, a user can have visceral feedback from wearable to device.

Balance Meter

This design focuses on capturing the experience of balance and the feeling of weight as it relates to a user's own stance. Through the interaction, the user can acoustically listen to their own weight distribution as each step is transformed into sound in this speculative design that augments balance.