Arboris is a fiber optic sculpture molded into the shape of a tree.

Nexus Arboris

What are the threads of connection between
the inorganic and the living...
technology and the natural...
light and darkness...
perception and reality?

Although we may not see it in our plane of reality - the life that spans in the microscopic processes in plants or understand why a tiny seed grows into an ocean of forests, but life is all around - flowing in the veins of humans, animals and nature. As society moves towards a future of industry and technology, walls are built to separate us from each other, from our own inner connectedness, and the wild. We live in cages that we build from our greed, prisons created out of intolerance and fear, shut in by barriers and walls that surround our minds and ourselves everyday.

Is this our reality?
Is this humanity?
Are we free?
Are we alive?

Can we create...

At the nexus of every tree lies life. At the nexus of every human lies love. The nexus of technology is connection. The nexus of art is beauty. The nexus of darkness is light.


2013 Sun God Festival (San Diego, CA)
2013 ICAM (San Diego, CA)