Tiffany Young

Elaine worked for Far East Movement's record label as they rebranded as Transparent Arts. Under their label, Far East Movement supported EDM artists like Yultron and Kpop star Tiffany Young. As they were expanding into the Kpop market, she supported the internal team with marketing and branding, creating various digital assets used in promotions, social media, festival and tour campaigns.

Tiffany Young

Tiffany Young, originally from Girls Generation, was signed under Transparent Arts record label to expand her solo career into the United States. During this period, she was heavily promoting her new releases, music videos and international tour.

Elaine supported the marketing efforts of Tiffany's launch into the US Markets through email campaigns, promotional designs and tour announcements.

Marketing & Design

Elaine designed, maintained and oversaw the email communication pipeline. Her monthly emails were sent to thousands of fans to update them on daily content. There were sections that featured collaborations with brands and sponsors that I designed to look and feel organic like a magazine spread within the campaign. Links were placed within the email so that readers could quickly navigate to Tiffany's content.