Connected Mobility

In the future of self-driving cars, Connected Mobility explores the transition from automatic cars to self-driving ones. It explores the intersection of app culture, VR/AR and the future of the automobile industry and offers speculation into its design. It is an exploration into the cultural dynamics that are shaped by merging computer and car.

Freeways as Forums

In the future of self-driving cars, automobiles will still be stuck in traffic on highways. Interconnected freeways can act as hubs of live information, like that of social forums, augmented on the window dashboard on your drive.

Heads Up Display

GPS information and geotagged locations display on the car's dash in real time along your journey, should you choose to stop and explore a new town. Businesses and cars may have profiles set up on the map to share or express themselves in this new physical and digital landscape.

Window Filtering

Once hands free, hand gestures can be used to control the future car. Users can choose to change their window screen with options that internally filter the outside world, layering effects like sepia or monotone features on top of the environment.

Research & Prototyping

traffic jams

portable car games


functional uses

In preparation for the New Car Experiences, we researched the automobile industry with Land Rover and Jaguar and toured Intel’s headquarters. The visits prompted speculations about the possibilities when the car merges with computer. After the week of trips, we came back to finalize process of prototyping and sketching. This created conceptual scenarios of alternative window displays, creating a social atmosphere in the car and new ways of "seeing" that a self-driving car might provide.