Concept, Design & Packaging

Bolsa is a design packaging concept for vaping products infused with thc. This product is inspired by previous design work with the Bolsa Boys on their logo. Branching out from the initial design, I created designs for a minimalistic product line of vape pens, each infused with thc and packaged accordingly. For a more uplifting and creative headspace, smoking from the sativa would do some good in the daytime to get your work done. These vapes are color coded in red hues, representing sativa like Lemon Haze, while indica in blue for a calming and relaxing mood appropriate for times before bed or stressful days when you just want to chill out. The green hued hybrid pen is the best of both worlds, including strains like Gorilla Glue. The packaging was designed to represent these aspects of the strain carried into the packaging design.