Interactive Projects

The Bloom Project

The symbolic nature of flowers...behav[ing] organically but look[ing] slightly unfamiliar, alien and futuristic at the same time.

The Bloom Project attempts to explore these issues of technology, and environmentalism through an artistic medium that brings these heavy concepts into a more tangible, immersive and interactive experience. I wanted this piece to capture the essence of the symbolic nature of flowers, create a physical manifestation of data, and behave organically but look slightly unfamiliar and futuristic at the same time. The art piece is a reflection on how humans must work together with nature, in the creation of technologies that do not destroy or keep degrading our planet. 

Nature is in fact not external or separate from humanity but has always coexisted together and is an integral part of our existence. We will never be able to live without technology in the days before industrialization and the rapid changes we have caused to the environment. However, the future should thus focus on bringing together the harmony of nature as coexisting with our society and newfound technologies.

With the combination of art, technology, and nature, this piece looks at the history and future of technology in direct relationship to the environment. Humans have purposefully degraded and polluted the air, ecosystems and natural habitats through harvesting fossil fuels, urbanization and industrialization. Issues like climate change, ozone depletion, atmospheric aerosol load, ocean acidity, freshwater consumption, chemical pollution, agricultural land use, biodiversity loss, nitrogen and phosphorus flow are affecting our planet in dramatic ways. Society is only just beginning to realize the truth in scientific data and the projection of our future through the lens of environmental loss at the hands of humans. At this rate, humanity must work with nature to focus on sustainability and natural systems.

Bloom: Art Installation featuring 6 animatronic flowers that respond to human contact.

This project consists of a flower made up of 6 plastic shaped petals with individual RGB LED lights in each petal that are attached to a 6 wheel Servo Motor which would be controlled via Arduino that upon interaction (person walking up to the flower), the petals would open slowly and change color (and can be programmed to any color).