Elaine Miu Cheung works at the intersection of art, design, computing and technology. Originally from Los Angeles, she explores themes relating to our embodiment of tech, future systems, and experiential interactions. As a Chinese-American, she bridges ideologies from Eastern and Western perspectives and practices which feeds into her most recent work on the nature on consciousness through wearable technologies. In 2013, she completed her BFA at University of California, San Diego majoring in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts and is completing an MFA in Media Design Practices from Art Center College of Design. Most recently she traveled to Myanmar as a summer researcher and UX designer at Proximity Designs, developing strategies for brand identity and joining a collaborative research team exploring Betel farmers and the potential for technological and smart systems in rural farming. This Fellowship was sponsored by Designmatters. Her work has been exhibited in San Diego, Los Angeles and Grinnell, Iowa.

Contact: elainecheung4 [at] gmail [dot] com

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